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Magic Needles®

It started out as a hobby but expanded by leaps and bounds. Magic Needles quickly grew from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ – a team of about 25+ women across India was formed and over 500 SKUs were launched in the debut year itself.

Magic Needles® was born of the belief that just a skein of yarn and two needles can weave magic. Inspired by this, Magic Needles® set out to create handmade accessories with premium quality imported yarn carefully selected and sourced by the founder on her trips to the UK, Turkey and other countries. Each piece at the store has a story to tell – about its impeccable origins, the love with which it has been hand-woven and the utmost care given to detail and design.


I had learned to knit in school at the age of 12 and it fascinated me back then. After 15 years in banking, I decided to be a stay-at-home mum to look after my twin girls - that’s when I explored knitting all over again. – Heena Patel, Passionate Proprietor of Magic Needles


Every piece on display has been designed to be both contemporary and timeless. Like an heirloom that is passed down generations, these accessories are made to withstand multiple usages and reflect varied styles. The pieces are knitted as seamlessly as the eternal story they tell. So seamless is the knitting that sometimes even the craftsmen can’t identify the point where they had begun. Like any heirloom that’s worth the name, the items are either entirely original or are designs that are legally purchased copyrights. Rest assured, every piece of Magic Needles® that you own is truly made for you! The purpose is to bring users a branded offering that is handmade in India. The products strive to be reliable, stylish and exclusive. Each design is hand-crafted in limited quantities to ensure that you are one of the few people to own that piece of the story. Started as a movement away from mass production in ‘factory’ conditions, the people who carefully handcrafted these articles are artists from across all levels of society, who weave their magic into their craft in their spare time, from the comfort of their homes – or in an environment that is conducive to creativity. The team is personally picked by Heena and trained in contemporary styles by her. Magic Needles® is about creating magic, but it is a magic that is tangible, real, and tells a story.

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